Testimonials for Cyndi's List

"Cyndi finds everything." --Donna P.

"Think of the Dewey Decimal System. You look up a book you want, you might find something else of interest right beside it. Way cool for more than a century. With Dewey, we can stumble upon things that will help us. Same with Cyndi. We go to the subject in question and look around. It's a great way to discover new sources." --Dave O.

"If you've never used Cyndi's List, get over there and check it out. When I began researching over 15 years ago, the site was shared with me by my friend and mentor, Birdie Holsclaw. What a treasure trove!" --Cari T.

"Cyndi's list is a sledge hammer for brick walls. Your site has lead me to find great resources just clicking around." --Karen P.

"You've been the lamppost in the wilderness guiding us through genealogy for more than a decade." --Katherine J.

"Yours is one of the first sites I recommend in my classes. Always have. Always will. From the time I first became aware of your site and met you at an OGS Conference, I knew this was one site that genealogists could not do without. I point every new genealogist I meet to your site. And, if I'm teaching some seasoned genealogists, I point them again to your site so they don't forget the vast resources you have collected. One time, as I was preparing a lecture, I was stymied on the subject of school records. I went through my own sources, then decided to check in again with yours. In the few days between when I had first looked and when I looked again, you had added more links that filled in a necessary gap I was trying to fill. I tell my classes that if they don't start out with your web site, they will end up there. It fills a need that far outshines anything like it. Thank you so much for the labor of love you have kept at for so many years. You may never know how many people you have helped discover their ancestors." --Peggy L.

"The new website is terrific: really easy to navigate around the site and find "exactly" what is needed! So glad that the new technology is making your life a little easier! Congratulations on making an invaluable genealogical tool EVEN MORE so! The first place to go when exploring a new topic, or to see if something new has popped up since the last visit. Keep up the great work, Cyndi!!" --Linda M.

"Where can you get at all things genealogical in one fell swoop? Everyone knows it's Every genealogist who uses the web MUST use Cyndi's List." --Polly K.

"Although I donated before, I donated again because I think the service you provide is amazing and I have benefited a lot from it. Thank you for providing such a great website." --Michelle F.

"I started doing genealogy research in earnest back in 1998 and Cyndi's List has always been one of my very favorite websites. It is on my 'Go To' list because I always find so much good information there." --Kay F.

"This is a great informational site for family historians!! It is free, and Cyndi lists more links than anywhere else." --Sandi B.W.

"Cyndi is a great asset to all of us who research family histories. Please "like" her on FB and Twitter, if you can." --Kay S.D.

"Cyndi - where would I be without your wonderful site?" --Joe D.

"I've relied on your website as THE best resource on the 'net to help with my research..." --Jan J.

"Cyndi...your site is one of the first that I mention to anyone who asks about genealogy." --Francis L.

"Cyndi, you have a wonderful site. I'm sure it's been used by millions of us genealogists. Thank you for doing this for so long and hopefully many years to come." --Anita C.

"I am thankful for Cyndi's work and her list. It was one of the first genealogy related websites I discovered when I began using the Internet for research. That it was free was such a bonus. Can it really be 15 years? And bigger, better, and free. I still use Cyndi's List. How could it ever be replaced? Thanks, Cyndi!" --Debbie M.


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