Awards & Recognition for Cyndi's List

Thanks to everyone for all the help, support, encouragement & friendship.

Societies & Groups

The Society of Genealogists - 
Certificate of Appreciation
May 30, 2003

Puyallup, Washington South Stake
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Service Award

Utah Genealogical Association
Presidential Citation

TV & Radio

Featured on
BBC - Radio 4 Tracing Your Roots
August 18, 2007

Featured on Starting Over:
At the Park Ridge Public Library, Susan learns about a website called Cyndi’s List, which is a very thorough “categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet”.
April 2, 2003

"Call For Help" On TechTV
April 1, 2002

The Ancestors Series on PBS
June 2000

KPHO-TV News, Phoenix, Arizona
February 2000

Featured on:
Dotto on Data - The Knowledge Network, Canada
October 3, 1999

Featured on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and on the ABC web site:
Finding Roots on the Internet
June 14, 1999

Featured on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and on the MSNBC web site:
Exploring Our Roots - Our List of the Very Best Links
May 1999

Featured on:
Lifetime TV - New Attitudes
November 1998

Tracing your ancestry on the Net
As seen on CNET TV - The Web
August 1, 1998

National Public Radio - Morning Edition: Family History Online
Morning Edition interview with Bob Edwards
July 27, 1998

The History Channel's Recommended Sites
July 1997

"Surf City" segment about the internet & genealogy on the morning television program "Canada AM"
October 22, 1996


Family Tree Magazine - 101 Best Web Sites 2010
"If you’re looking for links to the ever-growing universe of genealogy websites, Cyndi has been the source to turn to since 1996."
July 2010

Family Tree Magazine - 101 Best Web Sites
"This classic collection of links continues to grow—with 264,800 links in 180-plus categories at last count—and remains our favorite stop to find family history sites."
August 2007

AARP The Magazine
March/April 2005

Family Tree Magazine's 101 Best Web Sites
August 2003

Australian PC World
June 2003

Catholic Digest
April 2003

PC Magazine
September 17, 2002

Family Tree Magazine
"The Net's best-known genealogy portal is a virtual card catalog to the top family history-related Web pages."
June 2002

Woman's Day Magazine
"the widely used directory organizes sites into user-friendly categories"
April 2, 2002

Smithsonian Magazine
"considered one of the best genealogy sites on the web"
March 2002

Genealogical Computing
"Cyndi's role in the community is unique, and requires an enormous amount of work."
Spring 2002

AARP's My Generation
"One of the most comprehensive genealogical directories on the web"
January-February 2002

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2002
Page 719

bLINK Magazine
August 2001

Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine
"One of the Web's best-organized lists of genealogy links."
August, 2001

Today's Librarian
"The card catalog to the genealogy section of the Internet"
June, 2001

Ancestry Magazine
Cyndi's List - The First Five Years
May/June, 2001

Family PC Top 100 Site Award
FamilyPC Magazine
The Top 100 Family Web Sites
February, 2001

bbw Magazine
February, 2001

Woman's Day
November, 2000

People Magazine
"Gene Genie"
"Genealogy guru Cyndi Howells shows how to bark up the right (family) tree."
September 4, 2000

Access Internet Magazine
September 3, 2000

Family Chronicle Magazine
September/October 2000
"The REAL Cyndi Howells."

Family Tree Magazine 101 Best Web Sites
April 2000 - Best of the Web
February 2000

Computer Source Magazine
"Cyndi's List - The world's largest online collection of genealogy links. Cyndi's organization and indexing are extremely convenient and make this site a joy to browse."
November 1999

Access Internet Magazine
October 1999

Maclean's Magazine - "The Search for Roots"
September 20, 1999

Cigar Aficianado Magazine
August 1999

Wired Magazine - Databases of the Dead
July 1999

Internet Tips & Tricks
Smart Computing -Internet Tips & Tricks - Ancestry Meets The Internet
July 1999

Booklist Magazine
American Library Association Booklist Magazine - Reference Books Bulletin
May 1, 1999

Time Magazine Cover Story: Roots Mania
April 19, 1999

Time Magazine
"Well organized, more than 29,050 links."
July 13 1998

Family Chronicle Magazine
"If you are an online genealogist who has not yet visited Cyndi Howells' List of genealogy web sites, you're in the minority."
", and so many others one puzzles how Howells manages to keep her list so well-organized."
May/June 1998, page 52

Microsoft Internet Magazine Tech
Featured in "Online Genealogical Research - Finding Your Roots on the Web " by Dominic Gates
January 5, 1998

Internet Shopper Magazine
Winter 1997, page 98
"To these basic books, one more should be added: Cyndi Howells's Netting Your Ancestors, written by the same person who compiled Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites (, a list of genealogy-related links so incredibly exhaustive, it may prove to be the only one you'll need to bookmark. So varied are the treasures here that its's hard to imagine who might not benefit."

Web Guide Magazine
Volume 1 - Number 2 - September/October 1997
", a comprehensive genealogy index covering more links than Tiger Woods."   "The site is so easy to navigate, it's hard to believe there are so many entries among the organized categories."

Family Tree Magazine
July 1997 Vol.13 No.9
Cyndi's List was featured as one of the top 10 genealogy UK web sites. Many thanks to Eric Probert, Jeanne Bunting, Peter Cooley, David Hawgood, and Brian Randell for their wonderful support!

Yahoo! Internet Life
July 1997, Vol. 3 No. 7, pg. 101
"There is no better place we know to sample the flavor of the Internet's vast resources than Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, which consists of alphabetical categories of annotated links."

Library Journal Digital - WebWatch
July 1997

PC Novice Guide to the Web, Vol. 5 Issue 5, pg. 126
2500 Sites Show You, How To
"Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: If you can't find it here, , "
March 1997

Newsweek Magazine, February 24, 1997, page 33:
"But the biggest boon to the heritage hunt has been cyberspace. No one has been more influential there than Cyndi Howells, a Puyallup, Wash., housewife who became obsessed with genealogy after tracing her own family tree."

January 31, 1997 - Featured in the Metropolitan Cooperation Library Service (MCLS) Newsletter, "Metrodata Reference Hotline", Number 177, from Pasadena, California.
"Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet is an excellent example of a successful web site. Genealogists are adapting well to the new technology. The enthusiasts have a need to communicate across distances and to discover like-minded researchers. They are increasingly computer-literate and are generally delighted to share their findings. Cyndi Howells brings to the page the crucial qualities of enthusiasm for her subject, extensive knowledge, an organized mind, and willingness to devote what must be a good deal of time. The annotations and arrangement of the sites into meaningful categories renders a great deal of material readily browsable."

HomePC's 500 Best Web Sites for 1996
Featured in HomePC magazine on pages 184, 214 & 216.

December 1996 - Featured in Family Tree Magazine  from the UK on page 31.

Featured in "Online Access" magazine, September 1996, page 25

Featured in "North South Trader's Civil War" magazine, July-August '96, page 11


June 28, 2003

The Australian
May 27, 2003

Winnipeg Free Press
May 12, 2003

St. Petersburg Times - Florida
April 24, 2003

Democrat & Chronicle - Rochester, NY
Febuary 26, 2003
"You will all love Cyndi by the time you leave here, said Delbra Barr, referring to a key index to genealogical resources on the Internet. Cyndi's List has not failed me since 1997."

The Seattle Times
November 2, 2002
"... one of the best-respected genealogy sites..."

USA Today
October 23, 2002
Page 4D

The Sunday Times
July 28, 2002
Five Stars
"Given the sums being spent by organisations keen to cash in on genealogy's popularity (with the result that genealogy is well served online), Cyndi's List, set up and maintained by an American, Cyndi Howells, is a magnificent demonstration of individual industry. The site is a lucid and constantly updated library of more than 140,000 links to the web's genealogical resources. The American sections provide general tips, while the British subsite deals with such issues as naming practices, shipwrights records, coinage values, the present worth of sums of money handy when looking at old wills and details of professional researchers. Indispensable. "

The News Tribune
January 18, 2002

The Indianapolis Star
December 10, 2001
"One of the most popular family history Web sites"

The Seattle Times
December 9, 2001
"...a virtual international clearinghouse..."

The Wall Street Journal
August 30, 2001
Watching the Web
"For those interested in low-cost searching, the best place to start is"
"Don't start a search without going here first."

The Times-Picayune
August 5, 2001
"Cyndi is mother of the genealogy List."

The Wall Street Journal
June 15, 2001
The Weekend Journal, Page W4

The New York Times
June 13, 2001
Sampling of Hobbyist Sites

The Sunday Times
January 21, 2001
Five Stars
"She has thousands of British links, ranging from Bert's English genealogy page to well-chosen ephemera, such as a history of the copper industry."

Seattle Times
January 7, 2001

Reno Gazette-Journal
December 28, 2000
Internet helps genealogy buffs
"Van Ausdal's favorite Web site is"

USA Today
November 7, 2000
Page 3D
"Among Sarah Rose's favorite sites for genealogy research."

The Herald
November 3, 2000
How to climb the family tree

The Financial Times
September 7, 2000
Life on the Net / Genealogy
"Must-see, vast portal"

The New York Times
June 7, 2000
E-Commerce Special Section
Famous on the Web
"a Betty Crocker for roots tracers"

The Chicago Sun-Times
May 7, 2000
Among the top genealogy sites according to the Nielsen/NetRatings for February, 2000

The News Tribune
April 12, 2000
Cyndi's List links many lives

Seattle Times
December 5, 1999
'Puyallup housewife' helps link thousands to their past

Featured in:
Parade Magazine
November 29, 1998

Hartford Courant Newspaper
The Hartford Courant Newspaper- Your Family Matters
November 18, 1999
January 20, 1999
"Mom creates 'card catalog' of online genealogy"

USAToday - Digging up roots online
August 12, 1998
"Cyndi's List. A first-time visitor might not equate the name with genealogy, but this should be everybody's first stop."

LiveWire Column from Reuters: Web tools for genealogy buffs
August 5, 1998

The Wall Street Journal
May 14, 1998
"Watching The Web" by Thomas E. Weber, Page B10
"Cyndi's List - As a guide to genealogy sites on the Web, this link library is well maintained. Browsing through the categories of sites will give visitors an idea of some of the options available to Net genealogists. You can beam over to chat rooms, message boards and databases. Cyndi's List also does a nice job of highlighting the specialty resources available for various ethnic and regional groups"

Featured in the Connect-Time Lead Story
January 1998

USA Today Hot Site
January 14, 1998

The San Diego Union-Tribune
October 7, 1997
"Web pages range from the personal -- an individual's own work -- to the great-grandmother of them all, Cyndi's List."

The Chicago Sun-Times
August 26, 1997
Howard Wolinsky - Technology Reporter
"Cyndi Howells has pulled out all the stops with her comprehensive site that links to 22,350 other genealogical sites." Web Guide
June 1997
"Meta-site: Cyndi's List, , ..Despite its 60 categories and nearly 19,000 links, the site is well-organized and cross-referenced, providing easy access to most key genealogy sites on the Internet for both beginners and experts."

January 19, 1997 - Featured in an article in the Morning Sun Newspaper, Isabella County, Michigan. Tracing Your Family Roots Online

January 3, 1997 - Featured in the Wisconsin State Journal  in Madison, Wisconsin

Week of November 10, 1996 - Feature in the nationally syndicated newspaper column, "Roadside Attractions on the Information Highway" by Dave Farrell.

October 27, 1996 - Featured in "Search for: Genealogy" , an article by Robi Zocher in the Seattle Times  newspaper, Personal Technology  section, page C-1.

October 13, 1996 - Described as a "five-star homepage" and featured in the weekly syndicated newspaper column by the nationally-famous and popular genealogist & author, Myra Vanderpool Gormley


50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2011

50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2010

50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2009

50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2008

Featured on
July 30, 2007

Professionally Preferred Websites for Family History

Linksgiving Weekly Link Award
Presented by
April, 2002

Invisible Web
"There are hundreds of thousands of genealogical resources, many of them databases, on the Invisible Web. An excellent place to begin genealogy research is at Cyndi's List. Although it's not Invisible itself, this compilation has over 89,000 well cataloged genealogy resources including many Invisible Web and Opaque Web resources." - page 293.
November, 2001

Bellaonline Award
Presented by Genealogy at
June, 2001

Family Tree Magazines's Site of the Day
January 23, 2001
For Cyndi's List - Preservation & Conservation

Apple iReview
January 1, 2001

They Live Again Award
December 18, 2000

Skydancer Award
November 14, 2000

Time Digital
October 2000
When The Past Is Relative
The Best Way To Get Your Roots Done -
"Although not a database in itself, Cyndi's List provides something even more valuable: a searchable, constantly updated index of the URLs for more than 70,000 genealogy-related websites."

Cool Canuck Award
October 27, 2000

Featured on
October 24, 2000

Featured in 300 Incredible Things for Women on the Internet
October 10, 2000

The Good Web Guide - Recommended Site
September 29, 2000
"Tracing your family cyber-tree"
September 8, 2000
August 2000

Searching Ireland
July 2000

Jelly Jar Award
Recommended by Medieval Scandinavia
July 2000

Best of Wyoming Award
May 2000
For Cyndi's List - Wyoming

300 Incredible Things to Learn on the Internet
April 2000

Medieval Scandinavia
Jelly Jar Select Site
February 2000
January 2000

Web Feet Seal of Approval - Rock Hill Press
December 1999

Quest for Ancestors Award for Excellence
November 1999

Genealogy Forum Best Site Pick Award
October 1999
"Your site has been chosen because it is by far for the most comprehensive and most well organized genealogy site on the Internet. It is the glue that holds the rest of genealogy Internet world together. The organization of over 40,000 genealogy related links in over 100 different categories makes Cyndi's List the perfect tool for anyone to use to quickly and easily located sites of interest to their genealogical research." Best of Web Award
October 1999

CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award
October 1999

Go Network Web Site Award
August 1999

Magic of Genealogy Web Site Award
July 13, 1999

Bowen Genealogy Award
June 25, 1999

Ohio River Valley Families Site of Distinction Winner
June 3, 1999

LibrarySpot Spotlight Award
May 27, 1999

One of "The Best Genealogy Web Sites" according to:
"Along Those Lines, " by George G. Morgan
May 21, 1999

Tree Search Award of Excellence
May 4, 1999

Cyber Grammy
May 4, 1999

Genealogy Park's Genealogy Award for Excellence
April 16, 1999

PC Mike's Website-of-the-Day Award
March 11, 1999

KIDS Report Selection
Internet Scout Project - KIDS Selection
March 3, 1999

Media Metrix Top 500
1998, 1999
"The list is updated quarterly and comprises the 500 new media properties that attract the most "unique" visitors (multiple visits by the same person count only once) over the course of one month in the quarter."

Discover It! - The Best of the Web
January 14, 1999

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter Readers' Choice Award
1998 Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Family Genealogical Leaf Award
September 12, 1998 Family History Favorite
September 2, 1998

Chicago Public Library
August 29, 1998
"One-stop shopping for genealogy sites on the Web! If you only go to one site, this should be it!"

Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage Award of Excellence
August 11, 1998

Key Resource
Links2Go - Genealogy
July 22, 1998

Amy Brown Genealogy Award
Amy Brown Award of Excellence
July 16, 1998

Newsletter of the Board for Certification of Genealogists
May 1998
"The web site Cyndi's List , the current Bible of where to go to find other sites devoted to genealogy, lists over 28,000 home pages to visit."

The Mining Company Genealogy GemSites Category Winner - Miscellaneous, 411 Votes
May 16, 1998

The Bo Peep Award
The International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists
March 1998

elping Hand Award
The Gierhart Family Inn's Genealogy's Helping Hand Award
January 29, 1998 Editors' Choice Award
January 8, 1998

The Golden Quill Award
December 1997

Readers' Choice Award for Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, November 30 1997

"Announcing "The Best Genealogy Site On The World Wide Web"

Two weeks ago I announced a "readers choice award" to be awarded by the readers of this newsletter. The award would be for the "Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web." Votes have been pouring in by e-mail ever since. Today I am proud to announce the results.

According to the readers of this newsletter, the Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web is:
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
located at

Cyndi Howells maintains a gigantic list of other genealogy sites on the Internet. She also recently wrote a book on using the Internet for genealogy, which was described in the October 11, 1997 edition of this newsletter. Cyndi's list contains more than 25,000 entries, all sorted and catalogued into 84 major categories. Several of those major categories are further subdivided into smaller classifications. This is a major effort that obviously has required hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.

Why did this one site collect 27% of all votes cast? Here are a few quotes from the e-mail votes:

    "I consider this the best site for genealogy, because of the great number of links which can take you just about anywhere you want to go." - Faye Guthrie in Australia

    "Cyndi's List is the first choice for anyone looking for ANYTHING pertaining to genealogy. But the best thing is how she has kept things easy to find on such a huge site! It is the best organized of ANY site I have ever gone to for anything!" - Malinda Rimes

    "One stop shopping, so to speak. I could never bookmark this many sites, my browser would go bonkers." - Barry Crocker, Vacaville, CA

    "There is no other genealogy web site that does so much, is maintained so well, and provides one-stop shopping for everything genealogical." - Jerry Kliot

    "This site is so amazing! A researcher could use this site only and be directed to literally everything of value available on the Internet. The daily e-mail of updates also motivates one to return to the site frequently. How Cyndi has the time to maintain a site of this magnitude is mind boggling!" - Michele Hassell

    "Not only is it the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of genealogy related sites, Cyndi Howells has found creative ways to keep one personally in touch about updates in your areas of interest, and developments on the site itself. All who use this marvelous resource are in her debt." - Wilfred Allan, British Columbia

    And my favorite nomination of all: "If I were alone on a desert island with a solar-powered laptop, and I was able to access just ONE website for the rest of my life, , , , I'd choose CYNDI'S LIST." - Anne Lurie, Vermont

Cyndi Howells obviously has done a great job with her site. It is with great pleasure that I confer the title of "Readers' Choice Award for Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web" to Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet located at

Hard Working Genealogist Award
November 16, 1997

YChat Best LDS Site of the Web Award
November 16, 1997

Family Tree Award - DeWanna's Home On The Web
November 10, 1997

TeaSip Red Goblet Award for Genealogy Excellence
November 10, 1997

Genealogy is My Hobby - Excellence in Genealogy Home Page Award
October 1997

Sam's Spectacular Genealogy Homepage Award
October 1997
"When I need to find something, I know to go to Cyndi's List FIRST!"

MindSpring's Genealogy Page
"This is the mother of all genealogy sites."

Internet Voyager 5-Star Site
September/October 1997

Awesome Library Star Rating
September 1997

Civil War in Miniature Award
1998 Historic Civil War Site Award
September 1997 and May 1998

Suite 101
August 30, 1997 and June 1, 1998
"For genealogy enthusiasts, this is Browser In Wonderland. The look is fresh and clear. The structure is usable. This is what a Links site should be."

Cool Site Central's Site of the Day
August 3, 1997

01 Special Sites for Third Agers
July 1997

Rockett Award of Excellence
June 1997

Info Service Super Site Award
June 1997
"Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - One of the BEST genealogy sites on the planet, well-organized and very easy to use. This one's a must see!"

Featured at Deseret's Best Web Sites
March 1997

Myriad's On Target Award
Melissa Myriad's On Target Award

1996 Journal of Online Genealogy Reader's Choice Award
Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web for 1996, 1996 Journal of Online Genealogy Reader's Choice Award

Sheila's Award for Excellence
January 1997, Sheila's Award For Excellence

PA-Dutch Famer
Palatine & Pennsylvania-Dutch Genealogy
January 1997

November 1996 - Ancestry's Site of the Week

Golden Web Award, Honorable Mention  Third Quarter, 1996

The Southern Oregon PAF Users Group (SO-PAF-UG)  "Genealogy Web Site of the Month" for September 1996!

GJIT Award
Genealogical Journeys In Time  Home Page of the Month, August 1996

Top 8% Award Icon
Golden Web Award, Top 8% Nominations , Second Quarter, 1996.