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    31 Dec 2009

    30 Dec 2009

    • Stamvaders van KURVERS, VERMEULEN, REINÉ en SALY

      Stamvader informatie families KURVERS, SCHREURS, REINÉ, VEUGELERS, VERMEULEN, MAARSE, SALY en KLOOSTERHUIS. Alles uit Nederland, Limburg en Brabant, Sevenum, Venlo, Roermond, Breda en Rotterdam.Stambomen, genealogie, parenteel, kwartierstaat.

    • Searching for Family When You're Unsure of the Last Name

      Our forefathers and mothers didn't always spell their surnames consistently. Heck, they might not have spelled them at least not with the old, familiar A-Z alphabet. Here's a good example of family history searching when the last name is uncertain.

    • Finding Mysterious Place Names

      The towns and villages your ancestors came from may no longer exist by the same name...or the name may not have been recorded properly in old records. There are some good online tools for tracking down the proper name.

    28 Dec 2009

    • Genealogy Holdings

      This site of the Carnegie Library in Albany MO has links to PDFs of 92 cemetery transcriptions based on photos taken by me in Gentry and Worth Counties, Each PDF also has a link to the Photos. So people can view or download the photos of each tombstone. There is also a PDF of all the cemeteries sorted by Surname, there are over 30000 names. The current links you have are broken. You could also put this link under cemeteries as well as Libraries since some people looking for a cemetery might not look for it in the Library link. ThanksBen GlickSan Jose, CA.

    27 Dec 2009

    • Courtland, CA Courtland-Union High School 1925 La Perita Yearbook

      Seniors: Louise Dobbins, Norman Bunnell, Eleanor Bishop, George Thisby, Alice Plyman, Ellis Collins, Christine Chew, Richard Besso, Marie Neilsen, Benjamin Mason, Roy Hicks, Elvira Cortopassi, James Owyang, Mary Reed, Melvin Quinn, Mary Jane Thisby, Albert Pylman, Dorothy Thomas. Barry James, Margaret Wiedmann, Vera Connor.

    26 Dec 2009

    • Irishhereandthere

      Baptismal, marriage and death records from Catholic parishes in North Mayo. Currently under construction but will include Kilmoremoy (Ballina) the ten extant years of Kilfian, Addergoole and Crossmolina. At present, most of the baptismal records of Ballina have been transcribed to 1856. Some Crossmolina records are already included as well as maps of the townlands of each parish.

    24 Dec 2009

    • Family Genealogy Club

      Source of best information on genealogy and family tree building. FREE ‘Genealogy Secrets’ mini-course.

    23 Dec 2009

    22 Dec 2009


      Search facility covering monumental inscriptions for 40 plus burial grounds in Ross and Cromarty, Scotland.

    21 Dec 2009

    18 Dec 2009

    • Ultimate

      Ultimate Tributes is today's answer to archiving the memories of our loved ones. Your archive is custom designed by you and can include photos, poems, stories and news clippings. You owe it to your future generation to provide insight into the character, personality and accomplishments of their family members. Our core product is our 'ultimate tribute � memorial site' and it is basically a digital version of a scrapbook or photo album you have cherished through the years.We connect family, friends and generations by memorializing the life, history and spirit of those that have gone before us.

    16 Dec 2009

    • Printable Family Reunion Tshirt Iron-ons

      Features printable iron-ons for family reunion events. Count orders by size. Search family reunion slogans. Design and order custom made t-shirts online.

    • DigginUpFamily

      Our family genealogy researching LYONS, TENNYSON, GRICE, GUNN, WEEMS, DAVENPORT, SEWELL, HERREN family names. Photos, videos and more.

    13 Dec 2009

    • Vintage Aerial

      Our company began as State Aerial Farm Statistics in 1952, committed to recording the rural splendor of America. Since then, we've captured over 24 million images of the USA. Now, as Vintage Aerial, we work to connect the photos in our archives of American properties with the families who grew up in these places, reconnecting families and memories through our unique photographic heirlooms. We do all our photographic printing in-house, to ensure the highest-quality product and quick turnaround times.

    • Slćgtsforskning

      Genealogy website in Danish. Includes true stories from west Funen, written by my great grandmothers sister, 2 letters from my great great grandfather during the war of 1864. Surnames: Bertelsen, Pedersen, Jřrgensen. City: Brenderup, Asperup, Vedersř. County: Ringkřbing & Odense. Denmark.

    • Digital Library of Umm Al Qura University

    • Oro Valley Public Library

      Includes a Local History section for this area of Pima county Arizona.

    • Trace Lost Friends and Relatives

      Free online people tracing service. Users create a highly search engine optimised page that usually ranks high in global Search Engine results for the name search of a particular person. Highly effective in genealogy searches or in locating old friends and relatives.Best regards Ben Ben LeefieldCEOWikiWorldBook.

    12 Dec 2009

    11 Dec 2009

    • Murderous Roots

      Murderous Roots, a genealogical mystery, set in Vermont, by Virginia Winters. Kindle version.

    10 Dec 2009


      Genealogy and History of the QUIMBY/QUINBY families primarily, including addendums for the first 2 Volumes and recompilation of the 3rd.

    • Nathan Boutwell's Storefront

      Where to buy a copy of Digging Up Dead People, the author's new book for beginning genealogists.

    09 Dec 2009

    • Les Gadas de Guivry

      Histoire récente et passée du village de Guivry (Aisne) et de ses habitants.Dépouillement et numérisation de l'état civil de la commune de 1800 ŕ 1934 avec possibilité (gratuite) de demander des actes par mail.

    • Convert Photos, Film Negatives And Slides To Digital Images and DVD

      Guide to preserving your photos by converting them into digital images.

    • Personalized World War 2 Historical Research

      Specializing in World War 2 and Korean War Casualty Records. We are a favored resource for Alumni Organizations, Family Historians, and Genealogists through out the United States and Europe.


      With over 700,000 family names and more than 25 million individuals online, allows you to search for people free of charge.

    08 Dec 2009

    • SPEKE Archive Online

      A record of the farm workers and servants who lived on the Speke Hall estate.

    • Bridgerland Genealogy Maps

      Bridgerland Genealogy Maps creates unique and original genealogy maps. We cater to individual specifications and requirements.

    • Red River Valley Research Pro

      We offer professional family history research in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

    • GenTips helps with your family tree and genealogy research.

    07 Dec 2009

    06 Dec 2009

    • Letters from the Great War

      Letters from Private Lewis Driscoll of the 1st Recuit Company to family and friends during the 1st World War.

    • Doctoral Dissertation Genealogy Study

      My name is Emily M. Matthias. I am a doctoral student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at New Mexico State University. I am also a family history researcher, working on my own family (hi)story.The purpose of my study is to explore ideas surrounding cultural identity formation using family history research (genealogy) as one lens.

    05 Dec 2009

    03 Dec 2009

    • Iznaga Genealogy 1420 - Present

      Iznaga Genealogy 1420 - Present from Amorebieta, Spain to Cuba to US.

    • Quill Pen Historical Consulting

      Diane Rapaport specializes in New England genealogical research - CT, ME, MA, NH, RI and VT - with expertise in court records and other primary sources of 17th - 18th centuries.

    • Diane Rapaport - Speaker and Author

      A former trial lawyer, Diane has made a new career as an award-winning author and popular speaker. She brings colonial New England history to life and helps people to trace ancestors in underutilized court records.

    02 Dec 2009

    • Lucie's Legacy

      A family history and genealogy site remembering loved ones past, sharing their stores and creating a legacy for the future.

    01 Dec 2009