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    30 Dec 2008


      Transporting horses in Ireland since 200. We are located in Dublin we pride ourselfs in a prompt and efficent service to our customers.

    • Write History

      Have your grandparents' or parents' stories recorded and bound in a timeless hardcover heirloom.

    29 Dec 2008

    • Stahl am Karaman - A Volga German Colony

      History of the Volga German Colony Stahl am Karaman/Zvonarev Kut. Russian Germans.

    • Down Home

      Nova Scotia descendants genealogy. Surnames Conrad, Boutilier, Oickle, Cluney and Wolf. Info on United Empire Loyalists, Huguenots and Hessians.

    28 Dec 2008

    • U.S. Geological Survey Maps

      The National Mapping Program publishes a variety of multipurpose maps to serve all map users. In addition to published maps, basic map data and open-file map byproducts are available. These include aerial photographs, satellite images, advanced and reproducible map materials, geodetic control data, geographic-names data, status maps, microfilm map copies, and map data in digital form.

    • Generations Gone By

      Baldridge, Randall, Green, Taylor, Russell, Breashear, Tuckness - Ca., Ill, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Maine, Tennesee, Virginia.

    26 Dec 2008

    • Thomas Roots

      Thomas, Rice, Nordvik (Utsira), Schmidt, Farrington, Gulledge, Pefianco, Varua, Montenegro.

    25 Dec 2008

    24 Dec 2008

    • Ancestors Located

      Professional research service to locate your ancestors. We will prepare your Family Tree, along with a beautifully written Family History Report. Very reasonable rates.

    23 Dec 2008

    22 Dec 2008

    • Firelands History Blog

      Settlement of the Firelands or 'Sufferers' Land' set aside for sufferers burned out of their homes during the Revolution. BENEDICT, DEFOREST, BUCKINGHAM, DEAVER, WICKHAM, GALLUP, PRESTON, TAYLOR.

    21 Dec 2008

    20 Dec 2008

    • Musings on Local History, Genealogy, and Wikipedia

      A chronicle of the writer's experiences with research into local history and genealogy, often with a Wikipedia nexus. The writer is a frequent user of, does CARR surname research, and is an active Wikipedian.

    19 Dec 2008

    • The Jerome Journal

      Sharing information about the history and people of the village of Jerome, Lincoln Township and the surrounding area in Appanoose & Wayne counties, Iowa, and identifying primary and secondary sources for local and family history research related to Jerome and Appanoose & Wayne counties. Plus, identifying general resources for extended family history research.

    • Priceless Legacy Company

      A custom book business that helps people preserve their life stories in book and audio form. The company sells and services through a growing force of Legacy Consultants throughout the country.

    18 Dec 2008

    • RUSHLOW Family History

      Descendents of David RUSHLOW (Rochereau)1835-1914 mainly Downriver area Wayne and Monroe Counties, Michigan and Essex County, Ontario, Canada -other Surnames BUSSINGER, RUSSELL.

    • Famia EA EdgarKhan

      A genealogical page made with a large time of dedication. Colombian, Spain, English, Italian and French Surnames.

    • Dakota Dirksens

      Russian Mennonite Immigrants to Turner County in South Dakota.

    • Searching for Family Roots

      Wall, Dirksen, Fast, Friesen, Funk, Gaede, Gossen, Guenther, Harder, Heinrich, Hiebert, Loewen, Neufeld, Richert, Sperling, Thiesen, Toews, Unruh, Voth and Wedel Russian Mennonite Immigrants to Turner County in South Dakota.

    17 Dec 2008

    15 Dec 2008

    13 Dec 2008

    • Minnesota Churches - 1885

      A new publication containing a compilation of Minnesota churches listed in the 1885 Minnesota Census. This KinSource publication contains over 1300 church listings catogorized by area within each county (city, village and township). It can help locate churches and their records, in Minnesota in the late 1800's.

    • Bidasio Family Research

      The following web pages presents the results of Italian and Luxembourgish Bidasio family research. The presentation begins thereby with Ottavio Bidasio [4] and Henriette Krier [5] as well as Alberico Armeni [6] and Maria Senofonte [7].

    • USGenWeb Tombstone Project Clearfield County, PA

      Clearfield County Cemetery Transcriptions and Tombstone Photo Project from the PAGenWeb Project for Clearfield County.

    • Clearfield-Genealogy: Clearfield County Genealogy

      Yahoo email group with focus on genealogy related topics for researchers interested in Clearfield County, PA. This mailing list is open to all interested persons, and is aligned with the Clearfield County, PA USGenWeb Project.

    • USGenWeb Tombstone Project Allegheny County, PA

      Tombstone Transcriptions and Tombstone Photo Projects for the USGenWeb Allegheny County PA Project.

    12 Dec 2008

    • Belgian Contacts

      Alain VAN WAYENBERGE is a genealogist with over 20 years of research experience. He has access to a wide range of online subscription databases and is a member of lots of history and genealogy circles. Give us the name of your Belgian ancestor and their place of origin, and we will very quickly tell you what we can find about him and his family.

    • Fowley Family Tree Research

      Fowley Family Tree Research - I offer a comprehensive genealogical research service, whether it is a simple request to obtain a certificate or copy of a document, or to research a whole family tree. I am based in South Wales, UK, and offer research focussing (though not exclusively) on this area, from Swansea to the Severn, covering the old Victorian counties of Glamorgan, Monmouthshire (Wales) and Gloucestershire (England).

    11 Dec 2008

    • The See Family Chronicles

      Publication of Irene See Brasel's book 'A chronicle of the See Family' plus 'See/Morris/Whittaker/Ringsby Connections' compiled by D. D'Errico.

    09 Dec 2008

    08 Dec 2008

    • Just-so-Stories

      Site about stories, that started just from scratch - old grave, old photo, old golden locket or just strange-sounding name surfaced from the profound of Web. All this stories are about people who lived long time ago, some of them recently, they lived interesting, sometimes captivating lives, but now, even close relatives know nothing about them. (Previously known as

    07 Dec 2008

    • LINKS Post-Legal Adoption Support

      Search registry and post adoption information for Canada, specifically Manitoba.

    • Historical Marietta, Ohio MySpace

      History of Marietta & Washington County, Ohio. The first US settlement in the Northwest Territory and Ohio's first city.

    • The Latest “Jewel” In the State Archives Jan. 11, 2009

      Eatontown, NJ December 2, 2008- Mr. Joseph Klett of the State Archives will be telling us all about the latest exciting addition to the records stored at the archives in Trenton on Sunday, January 11, 2008 at 2PM. Come join us! The Monmouth County Genealogy Society will host as Mr. Klett speaks about 300 years of Proprietary Records of West New Jersey, which were moved in December 2005 from Burlington, NJ. Mr. Klett has been the Chief of the Archives since 2000 and the Deputy Director since2006. He has won numerous awards for his contributions to the public knowledge and thepreservation of New Jersey history. The Monmouth County Genealogy Society will meet at 1:30 pm at the Community/Senior Center, 72 Broad St., Eatontown. The Monmouth County Genealogy Society welcomes everyone to this meeting. There is no admission charge. On January 11, we will award prizes to the winnersof the student essay contest at 1PM before our general meeting. The essay contest was open to5th and 6th grade students in Monmouth County who wrote about their favorite ancestor. For further information/directions, please contact Janet Borchardt at(609) 655-0699

    05 Dec 2008

    04 Dec 2008

    • Meet The Family Ltd

      Established by Jan Dowie in 2005, we are a professional genealogy that specialises in helping people to find their past as well as meeting their present.

    • Scrapbookers' Delight

      Scrapbooking online store offering genealogy scrapbook supplies.

    03 Dec 2008

    02 Dec 2008

    • Middle States Genealogy Links

      Over 1000 Genealogy Links with focus on New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, as well as Native American and African American Research.