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    31 Oct 2008

    • The Southern Family Historian

      Free mini lessons for beginning family history research especially in South Carolina.Guidance on how to preserve findings.

    22 Oct 2008

    21 Oct 2008

    • Ballynacargy / Ballynacarrigy Parish Records

      Parish Registers Ballynacargy/Ballynacarrigy, Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland Marriages Births and Baptisms online.

    • UBIQUE - Royal Engineers and Military Engineers of the British Empire and Commonwealth

      Biographical records of Royal Engineers and military engineers.

    • Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Naturalization Declarations of Intention

      Cook County is in Illinois, and includes the city of Chicago.The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Archives is home to more than 500,000 naturalization petitions covering the years 1871 to 1929. More than 400,000 of these records are Declarations of Intention, 1906-1929 which were usually the first papers to be filed by those who wished to become U.S. citizens. After saerching for someone, the listing does not now give the pointer indication that the person's listing is clickable, but each listing IS clickable. This leads to more information on the person.

    • Ballew Family Genealogy

      Researching all spellings of Ballew/Belew etc., both National and International. Genealogy DNA Project available!.

    • CMJ Office Blog

      CMJ Office Blog provides genealogy tips and news, personal family history articles, and genea-blogger stories. Most stories are centered around the United States, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

    20 Oct 2008

    • Twisted Root: Hughes and McWilliams Families

      The ancestors of the Hughes and McWilliams family and roots that spread throughout the United States into England, Wales, Germany and Scotland. HUGHES, MCWILLIAMS, SAPP, MASHBURN, SWAN, BAZIN, CLAYTON, and more within Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and the colonies.

    • Roots2Leaves archival products

      Preservation and storage products for the family historian and professional genealogist.

    • Hull Enterprises, Charitable LLC

      We offer free help to genealogists with families from England in the United States of America.

    19 Oct 2008

    18 Oct 2008

    17 Oct 2008


      Family Tree Prints, Engraved Birthstone Tree, Family Crest/Coat of Arms,Family Reunion t-shirts & memorabilia.

    • Bobby Family Tree Blog

      Personal Ancestral research blog covering Australia, Poland, Ukraine, UK & Germany.

    16 Oct 2008

    • North Carolina Genealogy Forum

      Forum for posting of queries related to North Carolina Genealogy. There is a statewide forum and sub-forums for each county.

    15 Oct 2008

    • Genealogy Fans

      Genealogy fan charts made to order with beautiful script calligraphy.

    14 Oct 2008

    13 Oct 2008

    • Genealogist Notes

      A genealogy blog on Georgia Research; includes tips and featured pioneers not normally published anywhere else.

    • Live Roots Genealogy Search Engine

      Live Roots is a free genealogy search engine that allows visitors to search through thousands of database titles from subscription sites, book publishers and a variety of online sites.

    11 Oct 2008

    • Wesbroom

      A history of the WESBROOM, WESTBROOM, WESTBROWNE and related names.

    09 Oct 2008

    • Genealogy Biography

      Genealogy Biography is a collection of 100's of free online biographies to help find your ancestors in biographies of famous and ordinary folks.

    • South Carolina Genealogy Forum

      Forums for Posting queries related to South Carolina Genealogy. Statewide forum and one for each county.

    08 Oct 2008

    • The War Years and Beyond

      This website is dedicated to those who have served in WW1 and WW2 and the members of their families.The information is gathered from the Members of our Lost Ancestors group. Many of our members have much information to share, whether it be pictures, documents, memorials, or information on battles fought and yes even anecdotal family stories that will make us laugh or cry . All will contribute to honouring the people who fought the wars and the families who supported the troops and lived through those troubled times with love and courage. In the end we hope it will make us pause and remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

    • Kerlin Online Genealogy

      This is a database and forum dedicated to the research of Kerlin and related surnames.

    • Bell Research Center

      he Bell Research Center a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, serves the Forsyth County and North Georgia area. The library has several thousand volumes of books, films,periodicals, reference materials, and artifacts. While the collection focuses on local history and genealogy, it also includes a diverse range of materials on Americans of European, African, Native and Hispanic descent. The Research Center augments the print collection with computer databases, several of which are privately compiled and not otherwise available, and other facilities. The Research Center is open without charge as a community service to the public for historical and genealogical research.

    • County and State Out of Print Books on CD

      Out of print books on CD from US Counties and States.

    07 Oct 2008

    06 Oct 2008

    05 Oct 2008

    02 Oct 2008


      Primarily the Thomas Flood-Bridget McGauran line from County Longford, whose son Patrick came to Brooklyn, NY in 1866. Lists many other Flood lines and researchers as well as the Flood DNA Project.