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    24 Sep 2008

    • Des racines et des êtres (blog généalogique)

      A French speaking genealogy blog about archives, researches, family documents and genealogy methods in France.

    • Atlas of Texas

      A colorful, easy to read guide to the major events that have shaped Texas. Maps depict Texas as a part of Mexico, the Battle of San Jacinto, military posts before the Civil War, military posts after the Civil War, Indian campaigns, cattle trails, railway systems, among others.

    • Texas Masonic Knights Templar, 1902

      Transactions of the R. E. Grand Commandery of Knights Templar and appendant orders of the state of Texas 1902.

    • Reaching Across Time Genealogy and Historical Research

      Let me help you find those missing ancestors. You may also find historical books here for the Meeker, Colorado area.

    • Selected records from the St. Matthew's Church archives, Charleston, South Carolina

      This collection includes a selection of birth, confirmation, marriage, and death records transcribed from church books at St. Matthew's German Lutheran Church archives in Charleston SC. The period covered includes 1849-1910, and scanned images are also available. This site is not affiliated with St. Matthew's Church in Charleston.

    23 Sep 2008

    19 Sep 2008

    • Experienced Genealogist

      Actual help from a real person who has the experience to help those who don't have the time or resources to do their own research as far as they would like it done. Specializes, not limited, to research in the United States.

    • Anzac Day Tours

      Experience Anzac Day at Gallipoli with Sisan Tours, who will guide you through the stirring and emotional commemoration of Dawn Service.

    18 Sep 2008

    • National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials (NICMM)

      The National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials (NICMM) is an attempt to catalogue every military memorial across Canada. When memorials were built after the World Wars, each community followed their own dictates as to the type or placement of a memorial, if one was built at all. There was no effort to track which communities had built a memorial or to confirm the information found on them. We hope to catalogue not just the major monuments usually found near government buildings, but also the smaller memorials such as plaques, stained glass windows, or certificates and other memorials often located in churches, schools, community halls and public buildings. We hope to capture all the names listed on these memorials in order to build a proper database of those courageous souls who lost their lives for the freedom of Canada. We require detailed photographs of each memorial, so we can transcribe the text on each memorial and provide a digital database of this information for research and historical purposes.

    • Death Records

      You will find complete and accurate Official USA Death Records and Obituary Records Provider (More than 300 Million Records).

    16 Sep 2008

    • Elite Ireland Investigation

      Adoption Trace specialists based in Ireland. Anyone trying to trace birth parents or adopted children in Ireland know the difficulties involved in finding a parent or relative. Elite Ireland have a 100% success rate in 2008. We can help you to find out family history, medical history etc.We will obtain a background for you also, including family members, siblings etc.

    • Finding Samantha


    • InXpensive Living

      Find Your Family for Free, It doesn't have to cost anything!.

    15 Sep 2008