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    31 Aug 2010

    • Introduction to Genealogy

      A video podcast dedicated to beginner's Genealogy. A step by step approach to helping introduce genealogy concepts to new genealogists.

    • Doris Darbyshire

      Biographical information on Doris Whitfield Darbyshire (1900 - 1990) and her family including an anthology of Doris' verses about growing up in Poolstock, Wigan.

    • Naval History and Heritage Library

    • Rueda y Fingerhut

      Stories and genealogy of the RUEDA, VASQUEZ COHEN, and LARA MARTELO families of Colombia; the FINGERHUT family of L'viv, Ukraine; the KARASOV and DAVIS families of Ukraine; and the SCHER family of Lodz, Poland. Latino history and Jewish history in one family.

    30 Aug 2010

    • La Familia Toledo-Bustos

      Over 500 names TOLEDO, BUSTOS, BLACKBURN, DAMPIER, JUXON, and many more from Canada, USA, Cuba, England.

    • Barksdale Chronicles in America, Vol I: The Stories of John Hickerson and Hickerson Barksdale

      This edition captures but a small part of the Barksdale family as it starts out in the New World. As followed through the lineage of John Hickerson Barksdale, a representative to the Virginia House of Delegates from Buckingham County in the late 1780's, early ancestors began forging a life for themselves in Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. They courageously served their country in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Some dipped their toes into the political waters of our country and served their communities, states and nation as elected officials. Using their creativeness, they turned resources available to them into entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture, merchandising, and manufacturing. Some heard a higher calling and faced the moral issues of the time from rural pulpits. Indeed, the early Barksdale ancestors played a vital role in shaping the communities where they settled and the environment into which following generations were born.

    • Old Time Patterns

      Sewing patterns for authentic historical reproduction garments.

    29 Aug 2010

    • Slovenian Genealogy Month

      Genealogy exhibition with several lectures, events, databases will take place in September in Slovenian Museum and Archives in 6407 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH.

    • Famille DEMARAIS

      This is the result of 15 years of research on my family tree.Ceci est le résultat de 15 années de recherche sur ma généalogie. Main names: DEMARAIS, CHAUVEAU, CAILLETTE, MICHAUD, MOUSSARIE, VERVINS, GOMILA.

    • French Ancestors

      Experienced professional genealogist will help you finding your French heritage.

    • Martin's Norwegian Genealogy Magazine

      This is a magazine for genealogists searching for Norwegian ancestors. You find stories, recipes, Norwegian music and a dictionary with words related to genealogy. Also a searchable database with Norwegian surnames mainly from Møre og Romsdal, Sør Trøndelang, Sogn og Fjordane og Oppland.

    28 Aug 2010

    • Mid Maryland Roots

      Research Center for early Frederick Co, Maryland and surrounding areas - contains abstracts of early court records, maps, cemetery inscriptions, news abstracts, research aids, photos and much more. Many of the old court records list people who moved away to other states and sometimes provide names and locations of three generations.

    27 Aug 2010

    • Got Ancestors?!

      The Western Michigan Genealogical Society (WMGS) announces its GotAncestors?! Annual Seminar for 2010 entitled Are They Who You Think They Are? The seminar is Friday and Saturday, November 5th and 6th at the Prince Conference Center in Grand Rapids. Featured speaker is nationally known lecturer, author and researcher Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak in her first public appearance in Michigan. She presents Michelle Obama’s Roots on Friday evening. Megan will give four additional talks on Saturday including the discovery of the “real” Annie Moore, the first immigrant to come through Ellis Island.

    26 Aug 2010

    25 Aug 2010

    24 Aug 2010


      A friendly site with lots of help and support from the members sharing information and searches across the UK. Glynn and Vicky run the site and have access to genealogy records in and around Norfolk and Sussex.

    • Norfolk Tours

      Tours of Norfolk for family historians with Norfolk connections. (Norfolk England.).

    23 Aug 2010

    • webtrees

      The web's leading online collaborative genealogy application. Works from standard GEDCOM files, and is therefore compatible with every major desktop application.Aims to to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.webtrees is open source software, and costs $ zero - yes, that means totally FREE! All you need to use it is a website with PHP and MySQL installed.

    • Civil War Index

      Regimental Histories and Soldier Rosters for Union and Confederate Civil War Regiments, as well as links to other primary source documents, websites and newer books where more information may be found.

    • Find your Swedish roots

      Want to find your Swedish roots? Professional genealogical researcher with over 25 years of experience. Based in Sweden. Quality service and affordable prices.

    22 Aug 2010

    • Polish citizenship and Passport

      CK Law Office legal services for descendants of Polish emigrants who seek information about Polish citizenship law and Polish passport. Searching for old documents and full, reliable legal assistance. Restitution of properties in Poland.

    19 Aug 2010

    18 Aug 2010

    14 Aug 2010

    13 Aug 2010

    • Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society Archives

      Not the official archives of the B & M, but the primary focus of the collection is documentary material pertaining to the B&M RR and its corporate predecessors, the collection includes materials pertaining to the history of other New England railroads and electric railroads (trolley lines). The collection is comprised of paper items and photographs. Some of the photos and documents in the collection date back to the mid 1800's, though most of the collection is 20th Century. Compiled employee lists are at

    • Boston & Maine Railroad Employee Rosters

      Lists of B&M employees dated 1908, 1911, 1914, 1917 with more promised. Gives branch in which person was employed, date of service and promotion if any.

    • GE-NE-AL-O-GY 101

      For the beginning genealogist from one who has done genealogy > 50 Yrs.

    12 Aug 2010

    11 Aug 2010

    • Genealogie des familles BEAUDOIN de Saint-Paul-de-Lavaltrie

      A comprehensive account of all BEAUDOIN families who lived in Saint-Paul-de-Lavaltrie, Quebec and their ancestors. Covers the period from 1639 to 1843. Web site in French.


      Site dedicated to showing those beginning their family tree just what is possible as they research their family history.

    09 Aug 2010

    • Photo Restoration

      Today`s modern digital methods now make it possible to repair old photographs without damaging the originals. Cracked, faded, or washed-out, in most cases pictures are not a challenge for me and I am able to restore them to their original condition. If you would like to see the results of my previous work please feel free to browse my gallery.

    • Family Research Help

      Helping anyone and everyone with tips, tricks, and links find out how to research their families genealogy.

    08 Aug 2010


      Ben Clark and his Genealogical Quest to uncover his past. With a complete a history as possible on related families and their members including, BOSTON, CLARK, JOHNSTON, MCLACHLAN and WADIE families as well as broader information such as Army Lists and the like.

    • Online Genealogy Indexes and Records - USA

      Here you can find a concise list of Joe Beine's directories of online genealogy indexes and records. Topics include vital records, census records, military records, ship passenger lists, naturalization records and more.

    07 Aug 2010

    • Botes stamboom info blad

      This is the webpage of the Botes family in South Africa - people are welcome to send me info as I am writing a book on the Botes family.

    06 Aug 2010

    • Canadian Roots UK

      Canadian War Children born in the UK during WW2. Non-Profit group to help trace your Canadian father/family.

    • Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry

      If you aren’t looking to lay out large amounts of cash to find your ancestors, there is plenty of free genealogy data; even free family tree charts are available. Of course there is a learning curve and information overload, which can eat up a lot of the time.

    • Meine Wurzeln (My German Roots)

      If you don't know where your ancestors lived in Germany: Enter one or two family names and the web site shows you the places where the names occur most often (German language only).

    03 Aug 2010

    • Vies d'autrefois

      a french blog about funny or strange genealogical finds(un blog répertoriant des anecdotes et trouvailles amusantes, originales ou émouvantes croisées au cours de mes recherches dans les registres en ligne).

    02 Aug 2010

    01 Aug 2010