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    30 Jun 2010


      Sources for Danish genealogy research, i.e. parish registers, probates.

    26 Jun 2010

    • Graham Maxwell Ancestry - Prison Records

      We have undertaken the project of indexing the prison registers of the Scottish Borders. These records, held at the National Archives of Scotland, have been up till now difficult to search due to the lack of indexes, but are packed with fascinating information about the thousands of individuals who were in prison, including their height, colour of hair and eyes, their offence and sentence, and much more.The indexes are easy to use and reasonably priced – they could hold the key to your ancestors’ lives.

    • La Généalogie à l'ère Numérique

      Le site propose des base de données sur les baptêmes, les mariages et les décès ayant eu lieu en Tunisie.Le site est ouvert à tous les futurs listings que pourront envoyer les visiteurs.Les archives en ligne sont facilement et rapidement parcourables.Des critères de recherches pouvant être appliqués, le visiteurs pourra trouver ce qu''il cherche facilement.


      Friendly, Scottish based, genealogy forum,expert help at digging up your Scottish roots with some fun along the way!

    25 Jun 2010

    • CARDAMINA Verlag

      CARDAMINA Verlag is a german publisher of family books & chronicles; Rhineland-Palatinate, Bessarabia, Prussia, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt,Thuringia, Pommerania, Banat, et cetera; Eifel, Hunsruck, Westerwald, Taunus; Germany, Hungary, Austria, Swiss, Benelux;.

    24 Jun 2010

    • Heritage Archivers

      A site dedicated to the preservation of Family History and genealogy collections.

    23 Jun 2010

    • Franklin County Pennsylvania Surnames

    • Limburg Emigrant Page

      A lot of information on emigrants from Limburg ( the most Southern Province of the Netherlands) to America in the period 1860-1900. Most of these emigrants settled in Minnesota. There are passenger lists, newspaper articles, letters and much more. Site is also in English.

    22 Jun 2010

    • Descendants of Veterans WWII & Post WWII

      The Descendants of Veterans WWII & Post WWII Association allow Members to March in the Sydney ANZAC Day March Parade.

    • Southwest Louisiana Genealogy

      A web site for all of southwest Louisiana. The Miller and Pierrottie (Pierotti) books include both family and photo information. Jacob MILLER, Auguste Constant PIEROTTI, Constantino PIEROTTI, Stephanie MARTEL, Ulisse PIEROTTI, George PIEROTTI, Avie FUSELIER, Jean MILLER, Marie Magdelaine BOUTIN, Anne Marie THEIGEN, Jean George STELLY, Balthasar MARKS, Pierre CORMIER, MCCAULEY,.

    21 Jun 2010

    • Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge

      German War Graves Commission. The Commission cares for hundreds of war grave cemeteries. The site has a database of about 4.5 million graves. The site is in German.

    • Historic Leclaire District

      The Leclaire website provides historical information about people who lived or worked in the cooperative Village of Leclaire (1890-1934). The transcribed newspaper articles, memoirs, house histories and other articles included on the site provide information about hundreds of families connected with Leclaire which is now part of Edwardsville, Illinois in Madison County, 18 miles from St. Louis, Missouri. Many of the original families of Leclaire were from St. Louis, Missouri, but they came from all over the country because Leclaire gained an international reputation. The village was founded by industrialist N. O. NELSON.

    • Carbon County, Pennsylvania--Uncovering Genealogical Sources

      A variety of records for Carbon County research.

    20 Jun 2010

    18 Jun 2010

    • Maryland Historical Magazine

      Maryland Historical Society and Maryland State Archives cooperative project started June 2010. About 100 years of back issues of Maryland Historical Magazine online. Searchable.

    • Maryland Land Records Online

      Digital copies of the original handwritten deeds and other property records from the late 1600s on. Early handwritten indexes alphabetized by first letter only. Free, but you need to register and receive a password. Not all counties online yet. Separate site from the main Maryland State Archives Online.

    • Genealogy Web Site Building

      Allows you to create your own custom private family tree web site. Upload your Gedcom, collaborate online with relatives, advanced privacy controls, upload pictures. Great for a dynamic and custom family history web site to share with family, friends and the rest of the genealogy community.

    • The Journey Takers

      Leslie Albrecht Huber delves into the past to recreate the Western European immigration experience in her narrative nonfiction book.

    17 Jun 2010

    • GEOGEN

      This site provides maps showing the frequency of family names in areas of Germany and Austria based on the modern population.

    • Guide to Local History & Genealogy Resources

      Genealogy and local history of Trempealeau County that include genealogical societies, historical societies, and public and special libraries, with detailed information about what is available at various places.

    15 Jun 2010

    14 Jun 2010

    13 Jun 2010

    • Passport Collectors World on FB

      Collection of passports and related sources.

    • briand gen

      Blog about genealogy: news, interesting articles, original points of view, and much much more. Specialized in French Genealogy, because of my own roots.

    • French Civil Records.

      An access in only one click to civil records of Metropolitan France, Overseas Territories and Old French Colonies. It contains civil records by departments and by communes. The access by department is by department number, by alphabetical order, or by region, or through a very visible huge map, clicking in every department. The access to communes includes a detail with the address and phone and e-mail of every commune conserving its own civil records, and a list apart of all the communes on line. It also has an access to French Overseas records (when available): Guadeloupe, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Martinique, Guyane, Reunion, etc. Also includes a conversion of dates of French Republican Calendar to our convencional calendar, and a report about how to preserve old documents, papers and photographs, and their illnesses. It's actually considered in France one of the best resources for French records research. The site has a version in English, other one in French and other in Spanish.

    11 Jun 2010

    10 Jun 2010

    • My Family Health Portrait

      The Surgeon General's 'My Family Health Portrait' is an internet-based tool that makes it easy for you to record your family health history.

    • Thames Valley Ancestry

      A professional family history research service specialising in the counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

    08 Jun 2010

    07 Jun 2010

    • Tomedes

      Professional translation services.

    • South Australian District Constables 1853-1920

      District Constables were special constables appointed by SA District Councils to maintain the law and protect life and property in rural areas where there were insufficient officers of the Police Force. In 1861 an Act authorized District Constables in city districts. District Constables were not members of the Police Force.

    06 Jun 2010

    05 Jun 2010

    04 Jun 2010

    • New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association (NJCWHA)

      Wood-Ridge, NJ.

    • NJDARM: Civil War Treasury Vouchers, 1861-1865

      New Jersey’s Civil War-period treasury vouchers collection includes 15,770 payment receipts for military expenditures and wartime purchases made by the State of New Jersey from 1861 through 1866. It includes soldiers' discharge certificates for final pay (over 9,300 items), affidavits of family members for pay due to deceased soldiers (over 1,400 items), and quarterly returns of the counties and cities listing the names of soldiers’ families and dependant mothers who received subsistence pay during their service. In all, nearly 114,000 index entries provide access to the content of the documents.

    03 Jun 2010

    • census digitized microfilms free

      1870, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 federal census. Also search for Indian census. Pension payment cards. NARA related.

    • North Jersey History and Genealogy Center

      The North Jersey History & Genealogy Center has an exceptional collection of New Jersey historical material, historic preservation resources, books about publishing, typography, book illustration and binding, and one of the best genealogical collections on the east coast. We collect with an emphasis on Morris County and New Jersey, but because many New Jersey families migrated to the Midwest in the 18th and 19th centuries, we also acquire historical and genealogical material for the eastern third of the United States.

    01 Jun 2010

    • English Family Origins

      Professional research service for anyone with English family origins.

    • Mijn voorouders

      JANSEN (Limburg, The Netherlands), BROUNS (Limburg, The Netherlands) , JANSSEN (Limburg, The Netherlands), ROSBENDER (Limburg, The Netherlands).