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This is an index to the new, temporarily uncategorized links submitted by visitors to the previous version of Cyndi's List.

    30 Jun 2009

    • Genealogy of Mullins and Elledge

      GEDCOM to HTML of the MULLINS and ELLEDGE family trees. Also includes Armstrong, Miner, and Wamsley.

    • MAUS genealogy

      Genealogy hosting of the MAUS family.

    • Vevay Newspapers

      Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana newspaper scans from 1840 and 1853-1901.

    • Vevay Newspaper Index

      Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana newspaper index of birth, marriages and deaths from 1840, 1853-1901 (in progress).

    • Our Future Rooted In Our Past

      Our Future Rooted in Our Past is dedicated to a candid review of various websites available for Genealogists and Family Historians for research and education of the genealogical research process.

    • Electronic Photo Album with Music

      This site is an electronic photo album with digital pictures of my family and friends. There is also music on the website pages.

    29 Jun 2009

    • Canadian Headstone Photo Project

      The mission of this project is to capture digital images of headstones of our ancestors. As decades pass -- many stones are becoming harder, if not impossible, to read the inscriptions they originally contained. By archiving the images, we can help save these important records and also assist researchers using this valuable resource.

    27 Jun 2009

    • Stillington and District Community Archive

      This is a volunteer led project to preserve still and moving images, documents and oral narratives relating to Stillington, North Yorkshire, England and its neighbouring communities of Marton and Moxby. We hope this endeavour will be of great help to family historians with links to these communities.

    26 Jun 2009

    24 Jun 2009

    23 Jun 2009

    • Redruth Families

      This is the replacement to our old MSN Redruth Family History Group.We cover anything connected to family history in REDRUTH CORNWALL,UK, and surrounding areas.

    • Family History Plymouth and Surround

      This is our replacement group for the old msn one.We cover Plymouth and surround, anything to do with family history.

    • Danish Family and Genealogy

      Collection of sites in Denmark about Family and Genealogy. We cover all of Denmark.

    • Bracy Family

      The History the BRACY Family of Virginia, Connecticut, and North Carolina.

    • Demory Family

      The History of the Demaree Family of North Carolina and Virginia.

    • Mungo Family

      The Clyburn-Mungo Family History of North Carolina and South Carolina.

    • Huey-McDow Family

      The History of the Huey-McDow Family of North Carolina and South Carolina.

    • Biblical Genealogy by Uncle Darryl Research

      Biblical Genealogy and History as researched by Uncle Darryl Research.

    19 Jun 2009

    • Family History

      A Self Starters guide to Genealogy, Family History and the main sources available.

    18 Jun 2009

    17 Jun 2009

    16 Jun 2009


      Are any of your ancestors mentioned here?.

    • Branches & Leaves

      Genealogy blog that shares obituaries, vitals, and other records found in the process of research, along with personal research tidbits and blogging. Most obits and records will be from eastern Massachusetts, but NH, Maine, TN, KS, NE, England & others may also appear. The surnames BLAISDELL & TREADWELL will frequently appear in the records added, along with many Nahant (MA) based families. Information will be eclectic.

    15 Jun 2009

    13 Jun 2009

    • Electric Scotland

      Chilocco Students, 1931.

    • Hidden Canberra

      Stories and documents of early Canberra, ACT Australia, electoral rolls, camps and temporary settlements, lists of people, areas such as Stirling Park, Westlake, family history etc.

    • Family History for Beginners

      A beginners guide to researching your family tree and how to use the main sources available to you.

    12 Jun 2009

    11 Jun 2009

    • Washington County Free Library Genealogy

      Online searchable databases for Washington County, Maryland: marriage license index 1861-1919 and 1941-1949, obituary locator 1790-2008, church records, newspaper index, land records 1776-2008.

    • Western Maryland Historical Library

      Images and index for Western Maryland historical documents such as: 1877 atlas, city directory 1893-94, 1787 military lots, tax records 1802-04, C&O Canal, African American records, sheriff's records 1804-06, county court records 1778-1793, Civil War records.


      I make enquiries about heraldry and genealogy. I can help the descendants of Italian families to became italian people.

    10 Jun 2009

    • Everything about ZASOBA

      Site dedicated to finding relatives and namesakes ZASOBA, common roots and surname origins.

    08 Jun 2009

    • NB Family Research

      NB Family Research is a community of novice genealogists dedicated to NB Canada Research and helping fellow genealogists. Website and group with lots of info, links and discussions.

    06 Jun 2009

    • CHATER. Researching Armenian Family History in India 1600-1950

      A unique and historically significant website that has many hundreds of photographs and inscriptions of Armenian graves from all over India. Liz Chater, who has Armenian origins in India herself has over 7,000 photographs and grave inscriptions. Until now, there has been very little information for the Armenian family history researcher with ancestors who were based in India. If you had Armenian ancestors who lived worked or died in Calcutta, Madras, Chinsurah, Saidabad, Agra, Gwailior, Bombay, Dacca and other locations in India then this is the place to look, you will not find a more comprehensive set of records on Armenians in India on the internet than here, and it is free. Names include, Agabeg, Agacy, Aganoor, Aivaz, Apcar, Arakiel, Arathoon, Avdall, Avetoom, Aviet, Avietick, Avietmall, Baboom, Bagram, Balthazar, Barseghian, Basil, Beglar, Beglaroff, Bijohn, Cachatoor, Camell, Carapiet, Carvork, Catchatoor, Catchick, Cavorke, Chater, Chaytor, Crete, Davidian, Demetius, Edgar, Elias, Emin, Ephraim, Gabriel, Galstaun, Gaspar, Gasparian, Gasper, George, Gregory, Hacobian, Harney, Highcazony, Hohannes, Hovesp, Hovakim, Hyrapiet, Isaac, Jacob, Joaquim, Johannes, Jordan, Joseph, Kalandar, Kaloos, Karapiet, Kerakoose, Lazar, Lucas, Mackertoom, Mackertich, Makar, Malchus, Malcolm, Manook, Manuk, Marcar, Marooth, Martin, Martyrose, Melitus, Michael, Minas, Minos, Moorad, Mooradkhan, Moorat, Mooratcan, Moses, Nahapiet, Narcis, Nazar, Nerses, Owen, Paul, Pogos, Peters, Petros, Petrus, Priantz, Sam, Sarkies, Satoor, Seth, Shameer, Shircore, Simeon, Simon, Sookias, Stephanos, Stephen, Stephens, Thaddeus, Thorose, Vardan, Vardon, Vertannes, Voskan, Weskin, Woskan, Zeytoon, Zorab, Zorer. And many more.

    05 Jun 2009

    04 Jun 2009

    • Haremaker, a forgotten skill

      'Haremaker, a forgotten skill' is dedicated to all persons with this particular Dutch familyname the world over. It explains the meaning of the name and the economic importance of the skill during more than 300 years in the wind-driven oil industry.Composed by Dirck Meurs, Oeiras/Portugal.

    • GeniTales A Genealogy Column by A S Eldredge

      Research tips, news and findings on SIMMONS, ELDREDGE, HENRY, GLENN, POSTON, COWARD, COX, PATTERSON, LEFVENDAHL-Focus mainly in PA, NY, SC and Sweden.

    03 Jun 2009

    • Homepage Stichting Silkens-Verstappen

      The site shows the familytrees of the families Silkens and Verstappen.Most of them lived in the province of Limburg. (Netherlands).

    • Old German Translations

      Deciphering and Translation of all Handwritten and Typed Old German Records, including Jewish German records. Genealogy Research and Microfilm Searches of German and Swiss Church, Jewish, Civil, and all other German Genealogy or Historical Records.

    01 Jun 2009

    • Maine Irish Heritage Center

      Library and genealogy service for research on Maine Irish.

    • Manchester Family History Research

      'There is a lot of free information on this site for people with ancestors in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, UK. Amongst many, many pieces of information it contains the prison record entries of the Manchester Martyrs and their associates who were involved in the storming of the police van in 1867.'.

    • L'étoile du (rang du) Nord - La vie de Joseph (L'ÉTOILE) L'ITALIEN ses ancêtres et ses descendants.

      Genealogical information for the L'ÉTOILE & L'ITALIEN (LITALIEN, LETALIEN, DE L'ÉTOILE) families starting with common ancester JACQUES BONAVENTURE L'ÉTOILE STALLA (Arriving in Canada in 1748) and focusing on Joseph (L'ÉTOILE)L'ITALIEN descendents. Many family photographs. Also, information for the BLANCHET & CHAURETTE families. *Note: Website's texts are in french only.

    • Lincecum Lineage

      A genealogy blog about my LINCECUM ancestors, and all allied families that crossed their paths.