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    30 Apr 2009

    • Savonia regiment

      Soldiers in Kuopio and Iisalmi companies of Savonia regiment 1712-1809.

    28 Apr 2009

    27 Apr 2009

    • PioneerStock

      Genealogical information dating back to early 1600s with photos, documents, and records for the SIMMONS, MITCHUM/EM, SPENCER, HENDRICKSEN, GARDINER, MORRIS, WILLIAMS, CAMP, and MCDONALD surnames, among others.

    25 Apr 2009

    • Bollinger - Heisserer Genealogy

      Expanding compilation of surnames including BOLLINGER, HEISSERER, SEABAUGH, PROCTOR, WESTRICH, SCHERER, JONES, GLASTETTER, BUCHER, ENDERLE, WATSON, BAGGETT, and TAYLOR mainly covering southeast Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois.

    • CRACROFT'S Peerage

      Comprehensive guide to the British Peerage and Baronetage.

    • South Westmorland Family History

      Information and research services for Kendal and the surrounding area.

    23 Apr 2009

    22 Apr 2009

    • Släktforskning för noviser

      A site for beginners in genealogy research. Reseach on Swedish ancestors from Dalarna and Värmland. Intersting names are SVINHUFVUD, SKRAGGE, ADLER, KLINGERT, KIHLGREN, OSMI.

    • Genealogy for Dummies

      A site for beginners in genealogy research. Reseach on Swedish ancestors from Dalarna and Värmland. Intersting names are SVINHUFVUD, SKRAGGE, ADLER, KLINGERT, KIHLGREN, OSMI.

    21 Apr 2009

    • Slide Scanning Pros

      4000 dpi slide scanning for old family pictures. Correction and dust removal included for 26 cents.

    • Irish Genealogy Solutions

      Genealogy storage products for the safe preservation of certificates, documents, photos and memorabilia.

    • What To Do With - Your HANDS

      A contact resource for HANDS researchers using Heads of Household (only) and the English 1851 census.

    20 Apr 2009

    • Quebec Parish Register Lookup

      Service to perform lookup of individual record (baptism, marriage, or burial)in Quebec Catholic parish registers; provides (for a small fee) abstract and image of the record.

    • The Family Historian

      Advice from the best genealogy bloggers on the Web.

    19 Apr 2009

    18 Apr 2009

    • FindingRoots - Where we find YOUR roots!

      Were a professional genealogical service providing low fees with great service. Projects, Record lookups, Advice, and more. We'll find YOUR roots!.

    • Scrapbook Albums: A Window to Your Heritage

      If you've been researching your heritage for even a short time, then you've collected a lot of information. Facts, photographs, documents, stories, and so on. A scrapbook album is a great way to organize and showcase your family heritage. Read this article to get started.

    17 Apr 2009

    • Euro Family Genealogy

      Genealogical research team with a combined experience of over 20 years. Specializing in Hungarian, Italian and Spanish record translation. As well as specializing in Northeast Ohio towns/cities.

    • Slekt1 - Marketplace

      Slekt1 offers marketplace where people can buy/sell genealogy books and missions. The page can be translated into 42 different languages by google but registration is only possible in Norwegian. Slekt1 may however assist you if this is desirable.

    16 Apr 2009

    15 Apr 2009

    • CCC Genealogy Research & Family History

      We help you create a well documented, accurate family history. 40 years experience, very reasonable rates, published, excellent qualifications.

    • Vörå Emigration Center

      Provides services to persons needing assistance with research of ancestors in Finland, or of descendants of emigrants from Finland. Personnel will do actual researching and can also provide translation assistance. Located in Vörå, Finland.

    14 Apr 2009

    • FamilyTales

      FamilyTales is a new easy way to take you genealogy research and turn it into a family history movie.

    • Cynthia's Place

      Cynthia 'Cindy' Nunn has been researching genealogy and family history for over 26 years now. She runs three popular genealogy groups on Yahoo, for the geographic areas of Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and one for the UK, as well as running numerous websites. She lived in England for eight years, where she ran a successful research business called 'Geneaography.' Check us out for low research rates.

    11 Apr 2009

    • Maxbal Genealogy Family Tree Charts

      Maxbal Genealogy provide a wide range of affordable high quality blank and custom designed family tree charts including a unique range of sticker charts.

    10 Apr 2009

    • Genejeannie

      Researching BROOMER, DEMPSEY, DUDGEON, GEDDES, GOODIFF, GWILLIM, GWILLIAM, HAYZER, MEECHAM, NODEN, PARSONS, SAPSFORD, SEARLE, SKILLEN, SKILLING in the UK counties of Sussex, Middlesex, Essex, Lanarkshire and Gloucestershire.


      Restoration and enhancement of family photos. UK centred.

    • WebDoctorJohn-Website for C.L. Allgood family

      Ancestors of Dr. Conrad Allgood, Sr.

    09 Apr 2009

    • WAGS Library Collection

      The book collection of the Whittier Area Genealogical Society (WAGS) is housed at the Whittier College Wardman Library in Whittier, California.

    • Golden Nugget Library

      California Genealogy Databases and City Directories for Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, San Joaquin and other Northern California Counties and a few in Southern California.

    • Carolina Genealogy

      BURNS, AMES, HAMRICK, McSWAIN, MELTON,SHELTON, of Tryon, Cleveland and Rutherford County Areas of North Carolina.

    08 Apr 2009

    07 Apr 2009

    • County Tyrone

      The County of Tyrone Ireland Website islinked to the Co.Tyrone Mailing List. A community web-site of volunteers from the mailing list, who busily transcribe documents. Many Primary & Secondary source data. One of the best on-line. We have recently up-dated the site, and have much more to offer researchers.

    06 Apr 2009

    • Capital Collections

      Capital Collections is Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services' online image archive. It allows free online access to a wealth of material on Edinburgh and Scotland.

    • Southwest Explorations

      Early exploration and emigrant trails across Arizona in maps and photographs.

    • Siebenthaler Family History

      Website created by an individual - there are other surname information in the website and it is constantly being developed. This website is just the beginning of an overall history of the family members from which I'm descended. Lots of old photos some of which have been donated for the site such as the Shaw family photo albums. As of 4-6-09 I created a photo album for art work done by the Siebenthaler family and descendants.

    • Carolyne's Native American Genealogy Helper

      How-to articles regarding Native American Genealogy research; census lists, roll data including microfilm numbers,tribal information; transcriptions of obscure records.

    04 Apr 2009

    03 Apr 2009

    • Dan's Maryland Genealogy

      Searchable Maryland Death Records Index. More search options than the version provided by the state archives as well as additional data.

    02 Apr 2009

    01 Apr 2009

    • Origins Of German Surnames

      Find out how German surnames where created and what they mean.

    • Great Quality rare books of your family history

      Over 20,000 titles of family history books and counting.

    • De Besutio (Besozzi)

      Historical reconstruction of the Besozzis, one of the great Lombard families. Contact point for all the Besozzis in the world.

    • Climbing the O'Connell Family Tree

      Blog on researching our O'Connell, Hilton, Richmond, Springer and Curran families.

    • Wilderness Pioneers of America book, Genealogy

      a genealogy of families that settled in South Central Ozark Region in Missouri & Conway County Arkansas. The Surnames are; Beyer, Boyer, Bowyer, Allen, Alexander, Anderson, Ascue, Askew, Aubuschon, Bacon, Bradish, Bradley, Brakefield, Brown, Cain, Callahan, Campbell, Carnahan, Carpenter, Carter, Carr, Cates, Champion. Condray, Cowan, Diamond, Eaton, Eisenhower, Eley, Emus, Eudley, Eskew, Farris, Fischer, Fox, Freeman, Gentles, Gibbs, Gibson, gist, Goebel, Gooch, Grigery, Hampton, Harris, Harned, Hewell, Hillis, Hood, Ijames, James, Jarrett, Jett, Johnson, Jolly, Kean, Kelly, King, Lawson, Leach, Leech, Lester, Link, Lord, Malkemus, Mann, Maxwell, McNeece, McFadden, McNabb, Miller, Million, Miller, Mitchell, Moreland, Morris, Moss, Nease, Neas, Ottinger, Pass, Peeks, Raymer, Ridling, Riggins, Seacrease, Sheets, Sipes, Sloan, Smith, Tubbs, Turner, Twidwell, Vail, Ward, Warmack, Webb, White, Williams, Wood, Yates, Young and others.


      A place to upload, share and search your own family's legends! This new website allows users to see featured, recently uploaded, and the most popular of both VIDEO and WRITTEN family legends. Users can search legends by family surname, title or keywords, and they can also comment, vote-on, and share these legends. The best of the stories submitted are voted-on by the users of the site, along with the review of Legend Seekers' producers to become candidates for future episodes of the Legend Seekers TV series.