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This is an index to the new, temporarily uncategorized links submitted by visitors to the previous version of Cyndi's List.

    31 Mar 2010

    28 Mar 2010

    • Locate Plus

      Missing persons site which searches consumer databases as well as the Electoral Roll in the UK.

    • UK Friends Reunited

      Find your old school friends and buddies in the UK.

    • Reuniting The World

      Reunite with family and friends using our great search services and links.

    27 Mar 2010

    • The Genealogical Books Super Store

      A unique new genealogy book store that offers traditional books, electronic books, CD-ROMS, maps, and ongoing digitization of unpublished records all over the U.S.

    • Veenhoven Genealogy

      Genealogy of the Dutch surname VEENHOVEN. Originally from Zuidlaren, The Netherlands.

    • Cumberland Document Transcriptions

      Transcriptions of various documents pertaining to Cumberland, England.

    • Finding Forefathers

      Finding Forefathers is a Texas-based genealogy research service created to help individuals and families solve their genealogical mysteries and learn about their heritage. We also work with attorneys and courts to conduct probate and heirship research when potential heirs are missing or unknown.

    26 Mar 2010


      site en lien avec ma base en ligne sur généanet ( départements de la Vendée et des Deux-Sèvres majoritairement ). Vous pourrez y trouver des documents sur mes ancêtres et collatéraux mais aussi sur mon village d'enfance la Richardière de Varaize (17).

    25 Mar 2010

    • Information Wanted: A Database of Advertisements for Irish Immigrants Published in the Boston Pilot

      From October 1831 through October 1921, the Boston Pilot newspaper printed a “Missing Friends” column with advertisements from people looking for “lost” friends and relatives who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States. This extraordinary collection of 33,951 records is available here as a searchable online database, which contains a text record for each ad that appeared in the Pilot.

    • Prairiesouls

      Cemeteries of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    22 Mar 2010

    • Gnadenhutten, OH High School Alumni 1885-1914

      Alumni roster lists students and what they were doing in 1914. More Ohio Old Yearbooks, Class Rosters, Graduation Programs and other school items.

    • Hartford City, IN High School 1923 Yearbook

      Scanned images of the pages of the yearbook. More Indiana Old Yearbooks, Class Rosters, Graduation Programs and other school items

    • Confederate Soldiers From Nelson County Kentucky

      A compilation of lists of Confederate veterans from Nelson County, Kentucky. Published in the Bardstown, Ky. newspaper, The Kentucky Standard in 1903, 1904 and 1912.

    • Irish Genealogy

      Irish American research in New York State (upstate and downstate) and Irish research.

    21 Mar 2010

    20 Mar 2010

    • Stamboom van de familie Doomer

      Descendants of Herman Doomer and his wife Baartje, both portraited by Rembrandt, who even lived with them for a while. Portraits hang in the Metropolitan and in the Hermitage!.

    • Canadian Surname Index

      Active, set-and-forget repository for needed CANADIAN research info - left for others to find. Free, manual registration, SPAM-scanned, no public emails allowed, alerts sent when Replies and PMs received, daily maintenance.

    • Irish Surname Index

      Active, set-and-forget repository for needed IRISH research info - left for others to find. Free, manual registration, SPAM-scanned, no public emails allowed, alerts sent when Replies and PMs received, daily maintenance.SPAM-scanned, no public emails allowed, alerts sent when Replies and PMs received, daily maintenance.

    • Scottish Surname Index

      Active, set-and-forget repository for needed SCOTTISH research info - left for others to find. Free, manual registration, SPAM-scanned, no public emails allowed, alerts sent when Replies and PMs received, daily maintenance.SPAM-scanned, no public emails allowed, alerts sent when Replies and PMs received, daily maintenance.

    • Riaan van Vuren se boekwinkel

      Website at which you can buy a book on the history of the Jansen van Vuren/Vuuren family.

    19 Mar 2010

    • Shauna Lee Lange

      professional search locator & information broker specializing in family relationships. Washington DC Metropolitan based.

    • Direct Textbooks

      Our site searches over 200 online bookstores. You can find out of print, new and used books.

    • Genes de Familia

      A blog containing material about Chilean families and nobility. It also includes lots of resources for researching Chilean families. This blog focuses on Chilean first colonial families, immigrants and nobility, such as IRARRÁZAVAL, LARRAÍN, GARCÍA-HUIDOBRO, NIÑO DE CEPEDA, SCHWARZENBERG, RIESLE, etc. Many entries are focused on the author's own genealogical projects about families such as LUENGO, STUARDO, SALAZAR, ORELLANA, DE FILIPPI, etc.

    • Los De Filippi de Chile

      A website containing a description and an interactive family tree on the researching about DE FILIPPI family in Chile. Available in Spanish and English.

    • La familia Orellana de Chincolco

      A website containing a description of the researching about the ORELLANA family from Chincolco, region of Valparaíso, Chile. Available in Castilian (Spanish). It contains original documents you can download in PDF format and a family tree. Other families that appear on the website are BOLBARÁN, JOFRÉ and GALLARDO.

    18 Mar 2010

    • Gustav SCHNEIDER

      Family History relates to Gustav Schneider of goerlitz germany. This site includes • Matilda Langauff Schneider• William Schneider• John Schneider.

    • Child Migrants to Australia

      There will be a list of child migrants names, age's and date when trafficked and to which institution sent.

    17 Mar 2010

    16 Mar 2010

    • e People Search UK

      Guide and resource for finding people in the UK.

    • The Clifton Advocate Archives

      Online newspaper archives dating back to 1893 based in Clifton Il. in Iroquois County.

    • Free WWI Enlistment Records

      There are dozens of sites that offer a variety of free enlistment and other military records from World War I. Though not as thorough as WWII-era online records, there's still a surprising amount of information available.

    15 Mar 2010

    • Branching Out Through The Years

      Vance in Texas,Mississippi, Alabama and SC, Porter Mississippi,Alabama,and SC, Reynolds in Texas,Alabama, and Georgia , Wells in Alabama and SC, Holland in Alabama and SC, O'Neil in Mississippi and SC/NC , Harper in Mississippi, Langley in Oklahoma and Missouri, NC, Whitson in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Illinois, and Tennessee, Magill in Illinois, Indiana, and TN, Roberts in Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky and VA, Gildon in Oklahoma, Texas,Georgia and Connecticut, Self in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, TN, Thorn in Alabama, SC and VA, Medford in Texas and Alabama.

    • Itawamba County Mississippi Book of the Dead

      An on-going project to photograph and inventory all of the names on the grave markers in Itawamba County Mississippi, the Book of the Dead will provide an index to the burials in specific cemeteries.

    • Genealogy Concepts (German-language only)

      New ideas and approaches in genealogy (starting with a genealogy model).



    14 Mar 2010

    • Calarco di Calanna

      A work blog of my research of the Calarco, Palumbo, Morena and related families of Calanna, Reggio di Calabria. Italy.

    13 Mar 2010

    • Heritage House

      Ancestry search for HOSTETTER, GORBY, HUGHES, MILLER, STARKEY of Northeastrn Ohio, Columbiana County.

    12 Mar 2010

    • Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

      This website contains information on each house and building in Terrace Park Ohio, including its history, owners and resident names, building materials, photographs, index of land deeds, census records, genealogy information on selected families, anecdotes and in some cases more. You may also find related information using the search capabilities.

    • Houston Moore Robertson Family Genealogy

      Genealogy Home Page for Moore, Houston, Robertson, Brown, Baugh, Camp, Ballard, Williams, Arthur, and many more.

    • Genealogy By The Dozens


    11 Mar 2010

    • Devizes Heritage

      Contains numerous articles on local history, famous people and census data on private Schools. The locality is Devizes, Wiltshire, UK.

    • Family Reunion Helper

      Discover just how easy it can be to plan and host your next family reunion or family get-together. Not just a 'planner', but actual ideas, schedules and templates to make your next reunion memorable - meant to inspire and guide your reunion planning. Our extensive collection of family reunion and theme party idea packages will provide everything you need for a great reunion!.

    10 Mar 2010

    09 Mar 2010



    • The History Of The Kyle family

      The history of the Kyle family that settled the Juniata River Valley in Huntington Pa, in the early 1800's.

    04 Mar 2010

    • photo recovery

      Company presents photo recovery software that is comprehensive solution to get back lost images, picture files.

    • Hungarian family tree, genealogy

      Family tree, genealogy and heritage service for everyone who has hungarian roots.

    • Depouillement Seychelles Page Principale

      This data collection has been done by Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE using the original Civil Status Records from the Seychelles National Archives in Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles.For ease of reference, an alphabetical listing is used La table des décès a été réalisée par Heulwen POOL et Daniella JOHNSTONE à partir des registres originaux de l’Etat Civil détenus par les Archives Nationales à Victoria, Mahé Seychelles. Il a été établi une liste alphabétique.

    • Genealogy Portal of Tunisia and North of Africa

      Tunisie Genealogie is the only genealogic website in Tunisia and in northern Africa. The portal is dedicated to all people searching their ancestors in Tunisia. Our Data Base contains more than 1 million birth-certificates. All is free. (the website is in french, arabic and english).

    • Photo Retouching and Restoration

      Provide affordable photo retouching, restoration and enhancement services. This includes damaged, old, worn, torn and battered photos.

    • VOSE Family Tree & Genealogy Research

      VOSE family tree, charts, history & military participation, mainly from Robert Vose 1599, Milton, Mass.

    03 Mar 2010

    • Scots Roots Research

      Scots Roots Research is a small company based on the outskirts of Edinburgh which aims to provide a first rate genealogy research service for people with Scottish ancestry. Scots Roots Research is also keen to help customers whose photographs have been torn or otherwise damaged and we will do our best to digitally repair these so that they look as good as new.

    • Sundance and the Cassidy Kid

      Blog created to document the progression of my family's genealogy project.

    02 Mar 2010