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    27 Feb 2009

    • FamilyTreeFactory

      The Windows graphic program FamilyTreeFactory creates representative familytrees in any size, prints directly or into a file, exports PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF and EMF files. Partitioning of large trees in separated trees linked with cross-references. Many formatting capabilities, free placeable text, picture and geo objects. High flexible Gedcom import.

    26 Feb 2009

    • Roots And All - A Genealogy Blog

      Genealogy blog with narrative stories for many midwestern families. Emphasis on families from Callaway County, Missouri and Southern Indiana. Surnames include FRANK, BACKER, EBELHAR, UBELHOR, HARRISON, BEASLEY, DICKSON, RINEY, TAYLOR, WESTERFIELD.

    25 Feb 2009

    • Domingue - Writing: Genealogy

      Website for the writings of Gerald Domingue: genealogy, biography, history of the DOMINGUE, PREJEAN and CASTILLE families; three volumes published in 2006: Memories of a Grandson: Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleno - French-Acadian Families: Domingue, Prejean, Castille, 375 A.D. - 2006 A.D.; over 2100 pages, 56 generations, 300 black/white photographs; hardcover. Another book: L'habitation Domingue 1895-1963, a photomontage book of 96 pages, hardcover, color photomontages, published in 2008. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you. Many thanks. Gerald Domingue, Professor Emeritus, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Presently a resident of Zurich, Switzerland.