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    27 Feb 2009

    • The Dakota Icelanders Project

      The Dakota Icelanders Project is dedicated to the compilation and preservation of the history of the pioneer Icelandic settlers in North Dakota in the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century.

    • Rescued Relatives

      Rescued Relatives is a place to find IDENTIFIED, RESEARCHED family photographs, documents, bibles. The site is totally dedicated to reuniting family researchers with their long lost family treasures.

    • FamilyTreeFactory

      The Windows graphic program FamilyTreeFactory creates representative familytrees in any size, prints directly or into a file, exports PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF and EMF files. Partitioning of large trees in separated trees linked with cross-references. Many formatting capabilities, free placeable text, picture and geo objects. High flexible Gedcom import.

    • Finding Grandpa

      (Re)discovering the life of my estranged grandfather.

    26 Feb 2009

    • Roots And All - A Genealogy Blog

      Genealogy blog with narrative stories for many midwestern families. Emphasis on families from Callaway County, Missouri and Southern Indiana. Surnames include FRANK, BACKER, EBELHAR, UBELHOR, HARRISON, BEASLEY, DICKSON, RINEY, TAYLOR, WESTERFIELD.

    • Mega Tree Genealogy

      Genealogy and family history tips and information.

    25 Feb 2009

    • Domingue - Writing: Genealogy

      Website for the writings of Gerald Domingue: genealogy, biography, history of the DOMINGUE, PREJEAN and CASTILLE families; three volumes published in 2006: Memories of a Grandson: Echoes and Footprints of Pioneer Louisiana Spanish-Isleno - French-Acadian Families: Domingue, Prejean, Castille, 375 A.D. - 2006 A.D.; over 2100 pages, 56 generations, 300 black/white photographs; hardcover. Another book: L'habitation Domingue 1895-1963, a photomontage book of 96 pages, hardcover, color photomontages, published in 2008. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you. Many thanks. Gerald Domingue, Professor Emeritus, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Presently a resident of Zurich, Switzerland.

    23 Feb 2009

    21 Feb 2009

    • History Cop

      The Home page for Ray Johnson's Genealogical & Historical Research Services. A Chicago Area Chapter representative of the Association of Professional Genealogists specializing in Illinois and Chicagoland Area research.

    • Laurel County History Museum & Genealogy Center

      The new Laurel County History Museum & Genealogy Center is expected to open the summer of 2009 in London, Kentucky.

    20 Feb 2009

    19 Feb 2009

    • Greek and linked European Families

      More than 6000 families most of them Historical and many pictures.

    • Heritage Happens

      Blogging to help find mine. Family names I am researching are: FLEMING, HARDING, LAGORIO, LUNDBERG, MCGUIRE, MINER, PALMER, TEBALDI, WESTBY.

    • Mers-el-Kebir

      Village in Algeria with history, pictures and genealogy.

    • The Gallant 7th Maine Regiment

      New link for the previous The Gallant 7th Maine Regiment web page that was on AOL. Now on rootsweb freepages.

    18 Feb 2009

    • Olga's Daughter

      In 1994 my mother was admitted to hospital in the UK seriously ill. I realized had she died so would the chance of my finding out about her past, her family in Jamaica and who my father was, information she had refused to tell me. So I decided to find out for myself. My blog relates the Jamaican history behind the story of a remarkable woman who, because of circumstances, made a choice, which caused her to lose contact with her beloved family in Jamaica, until nearly half a century later when her past caught up her.

    • In Loving Memory of George Patrick Kilhefner

      Kilhefner family genealogy - Surnames include Crabtree, Garman, Kahl, Keegan, Rowe, Springer, Witmer. Areas include Ashland,OH to Lancaster Co, PA to Danforth & Whytopitlock, Maine.

    • Brazoria County, Texas, Genealogical Research

      The website of professional researcher Ronald LIVINGSTON. Ron researches Brazoria County, Texas, and neighboring counties as well as general U. S. genealogy.

    17 Feb 2009

    • ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry

      ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry, Inc. is a mutual consent reunion registry serving families since 1975. Registration is free. ISRR is a 501(c)3, tax exempt, non-profit corporation reuniting adoptees, birth parents and others separated by adoption, divorce or other means. With well over 200,000 active registrations the volunteers and staff process matches nearly every day.

    14 Feb 2009

    13 Feb 2009

    10 Feb 2009

    • English Ancestors

      An up-to-date view of Genealogy and family history.Research tips and advice for your family tree. The best free and paid sites.

    • Digital Collections

      Digital Collections consist of photographs, books, manuscripts, maps, directories, postcards, and other items that have been digitized for easy access and for the preservation of original print material held within selected local collections in Monroe County, New York.

    • Rochester Newspaper Index

      The database consists of references to articles that appeared in the Rochester newspapers during the period 1818-1897. It includes Rochester NY and many other upstate NY areas.

    • School Heritage Colelction

      Searchable digitized yearbooks from Rochester NY and surrounding areas.

    • Life Records

      Over 1 million references to births, marriages and deaths appearing in the Rochester NY papers after 1960.

    09 Feb 2009

    • Video Biography Central

      New blog with free advice and tips for preserving and showcasing family history research.

    08 Feb 2009

    07 Feb 2009

    • Heritage Scrap

      Heritage & vintage themed digital scrapbooking store, family research forum and layout gallery. Regular heritage themed challenges. Supportive & growing digiscrap community centered around family research.

    • PARKS - MILLION Genealogy


    • Our Ancestors from the Prairie...

      Our Ancestors from the Prairie...and Their Stories began with tracing the ancestors and descendants of the people who settled in Mercer County Illinois, USA, takes us through the ages from 200 A.D. to the present. In particular with the families of the webmaster’s Great Grandfather, Thomas 'Tam' Franklin Greer (1855-1937) and her Great Grandmother, Eliza Celeste Marsh Greer (1857-1942). Tam and Eliza had 13 children so you can imagine how large the family has become over the generations. On the day the website was made available to the world it had grown to include over 1600 names representing almost 500 families, with several photos and stories.Our Ancestors from the Prairie is not just a collection of the names and dates of the people in our families but also offers an up-front and personal look into the lives of many of these people through, pictures, stories and anecdotes. Whether you are related to any of the people mentioned on this site or to Mercer County Illinois, why not join us and grow your own family tree here with us...and 'Our Ancestors from the Prairie'. Contact me at to request your own tree with your family name.

    05 Feb 2009

    04 Feb 2009

    • Make Family Tree

      A Genealogy-based website that helps people learn how to research their ancestry and begin their family tree. Everything you need to know to start your own family history today!.

    • Roots, The Kerala Christian Family Tree

      Genealogy of Kerala Christian families pertaining to Kollamparambil, Chengalathuparambil - Vayalakombilaya - Kozhikothickal - Kunnappallil, Thonakkaraparayil, Kizhakkayil, Chakkungal & related families from Kerala, India.